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Market Crates

A Market Crate from The Pickwick Place is a weekly supply of fresh fruits and vegetables conveniently packed and ready to go. You pick up your crate each Friday at The Pickwick Place. All you have to do is swing by! Payments are taken upfront, so no need to worry about having your wallet with you! The first week, you’ll pick up a full crate. The next week, you return your empty crate and take a new, full crate, and so on, as the session continues.

Market Crates are the perfect solution for busy people who still want the great taste and nutrition that comes from quality, fresh produce. We'll make your life even easier by tucking in recipe cards each week to help you try new ideas in the kitchen. And, it's not just produce! Each week, we'll include a different "bonus item," a cool product from The Market to give you a taste of the other items we have available.

Registration can be completed by filling out the form below and returning it with a check payable to The Market at Pickwick Place. Or, register and pay online by following the links below.

Market Crates are similar to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, but there are some definite differences. We’ve highlighted them for you.

Guaranteed Supply

In a CSA there is a shared risk. This means you agree to the ups and downs of the unpredictable growing season. A market crate is a consistent and guaranteed supply. However, due to the structure of the program, we are not able to make substitutions from the standard crate for that week.

More Variety

A CSA is limited to what that farmer can produce. The market crate will feature Pickwick Produce, but also be supplemented by other local sources. We are well connected with other growers and can keep the supply abundant and interesting.

Membership Options

Usually in a CSA program the whole amount is paid upfront. The Market Crate allows for flexibility and several sign-up options. You will find that if you subscribe to all three sessions, you save a nice amount!

Bonus Item

Each week a special market item will be included. Our store is full of local products that you will find delightful. It will be a fun surprise to see what is featured each week.

Cooking Help

In each crate we will tuck in a recipe that will correlate with at least one of the fresh produce items. This will keep you creative in the kitchen when you are short on time.