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Hartschuh Family Maple Syrup

Hartschuh Family Maple Syrup

Available Status: Yes
Location: Sycamore, Ohio


The Story: Hartschuh Family Maple Syrup is a tradition decades in the making. Marvin Hartschuh and his young family began tapping maple trees in their farm's woods in the 1950s. Now, over half a century later, his son and several grandchildren and great grandchildren continue. The operation has grown through the years, but the quality remains. Making syrup may be hard work, but the end product is worth it!

Product Description: Syrup is available in a variety of sizes, from sample sizes clear up to gallons.

More Good Info: North America is the only place in the world that maple syrup is produced. 12 states in the U.S. produce syrup, with Ohio ranking 4th in production. Maple syrup is a "super food" that has many health benefits naturally provided by antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. It takes 35-45 gallons of sap to yield one gallon of syrup.