What happened to winter?! Part 2

Rose Hartschuh - Thursday, May 11, 2017

The big market barn doors closed for the season, but things didn’t exactly come to a halt for us as events continued to hum along in The Loft. My main responsibility there is to supervise the clean-ups and new set-ups. I love working with the team of people we’ve assembled and we had a pretty good winter routine. The most interesting thing that happened was in January when I got to be a front row guest as our middle son got married. The new perspective definitely gave me some insight into what a wedding experience is all about. It renewed my resolve to make sure the details for each event are complete.

Once Zach moved out we didn’t waste much time converting his room to an office. The three desks run three different businesses. One is for Ethan’s produce operation, one is for The Market at Pickwick where I take care of bookkeeping details, and one is where Kent leads Pfeifer Dairy Farms. We enjoy the convenience of having a home office and the slight competition of keeping the tidiest desk. Over the winter we restructured the dairy and also spent quite a bit of time rejuvenating the space which has been in operation since 1902.

Kent and I were able to do some traveling for business, service, and pleasure. The first trip was to learn more about the Farm Market industry when we went to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the Great Lakes Expo. Next was a trip to Denver, Colorado where Kent wrapped up 20 years of service for Soil & Water Conservation Districts. He has participated at the county level clear up to the national level and it was a bittersweet time of ending that involvement. Finally, we made it to Ft. Meyers, Florida as well as Key West to sit still for a few days.

One of Kent’s hobbies is woodworking. He’s been building lots of new displays for the market. The table that the cider slush machine now sits on might just be one of the coolest things I’ve seen. We’ll be opening those big barn doors as soon as the strawberries are ready. It’s been a bit of a moving target with the hot and cold weather, but it looks like it will be in about two weeks. We’ll be sure to let you know and look forward to seeing you soon!

Forward Motion Always,


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