Joy in the Journey

Rose Hartschuh - Monday, April 11, 2016

When our group of seven (Greg, Rose, Andrea, Chris, Kent, Laura, and Ethan - aka the GRACKLE team) assembled in January of 2015, our first order of business was to clarify our purpose. Why are we doing this? It took some time, but we eventually narrowed it down to these five words: Serving Local Quality With Heart.


SERVING We devote ourselves to others with a foundation in Christian principles.

LOCAL – We believe in the importance of providing goods and services that are generated within our community.

QUALITY – We work tirelessly to provide the best in all aspects of our business.

WITH HEART – We do what we love and want to convey our passion to our customers.


The scale of our project overwhelms me daily. However, I know without a doubt God has called us to it. A friend relayed a helpful sermon message that “If God has called you to it, He will see you through it”. I can’t always see clearly how the details will fall into place, but I know that they will. When doubt creeps back in I cry out, “Why are we doing this?!?” I always come back around to the five simple words - Serving Local Quality With Heart - and it puts the joy back into the journey. A clear vision has provided a solid foundation for our business, and we look forward to carrying out this plan in the years to come.

Forward motion always,



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