Wedding Wednesday: Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle

Rose Hartschuh - Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Guest Blogger: Tonya Lohr, Tonya's Hair Fashions

I would like to start by saying how excited I am that I get to be a guest blogger for Wedding Wednesday. Just the thought of a wedding and being a part of a bride’s most memorable day of their life gives me great joy and honor.

I work hard on a daily basis on making people feel confident and making them look as good on the outside as their inner beauty. With that being said, I get great pleasure out of turning a bridal party into a dream come true on their wedding day.

Every client deserves to have her own unique and personalized style on her special day. So let's think about a couple of things. First, what look suits your style and who you are as a person? Secondly, will the look last all day?

As with everything in life, there are pros and cons no matter what type of style you choose.


All down:


It's comfortable- It feels the most like your daily wear hair. You shouldn't have to worry about a headache by the end of the day because of an obnoxious amount of bobby pins.

It's gorgeous- Long free flowing hair is very feminine and pretty.

It's movable- Down hairstyles are meant to flow as you move and change so you don't have to feel sprayed and stiff.


The biggest con for down hairstyles is that they do move and one stray curl can ruin a photo. They are the least predictable and almost imposible to keep everything in place.

It is also very hard to keep shape and volume in a style with no pins or clips.

My thoughts:

I feel that if a down hairstyle is the look that you want, it is always best to start a little curlier than you would like so that by the end of the day it still appears styled and still looks great.

Half Up:


Still gorgeous- You get to keep the look of your pretty, long, free-flowing hair but now you have some pins to help support the style for the duration of your ceremony and reception.

Accessory friendly- It's easier to find a place to put any style hair accessory in a half-up style than something that is all down.


The part that is still down has the chance to give you the same problems as an all down style may give you.

My thoughts:

If the look you are going for is not an updo, then a half-up style would hold and be more predictable than an all-down style. Do you gravitate toward a hairstyle that looks like it is softly pinned up versus a style that was forced with tons of spray? If your answer is yes, a half-up style is a great option for you.



They are fancy- When have you ever worn an updo and not felt beautiful? A perfect look for a wedding.

Endless options- An updo can look various ways and fit so many different styles.

Holds shape- An updo is pinned and sprayed to stay in place all day and night. This makes it more likely that you won't have to worry about a stray hair ruining a photo.


Boring from the front- You have to be careful what look you want from the front. Most updos are gorgeous from the back, but they can look simple and boring from the front if you aren't careful.

Uncomfortable- They can tend to be a little bothersome as the day goes on with all of the bobby pins.

My thoughts-

This is my favorite look when thought through properly. Remember to think about your overall look with not only your back and profile view but also your front view. Keep it soft and feminine.

Your overall look should be exactly what you invision. That is why it is important to pick the best cosmetologist suited to you. They should be willing to do everything to help make your day magical, special, and memorable in the most positive way possible. They should be artists that work well as a team but also work well communicating with what you desire. Additionally, they also should have the knowledge and experience to help you find the right look for your special day.

Tonya has been a cosmetologist in Bucyrus since 1992. She opened her own salon “Tonya’s Hair Fashions” in 2000 at 125 Wayne Avenue and is currently working on relocating straight down the road less than 2 miles from Pickwick Place. Her grand opening is tentatively in March 2017 at 121 West Warren Street. Tonya's Hair Fashions offers a full-service salon that can provide you with all of your beauty needs leading up to your important day as well as offering on site hair and makeup if you wish to do everything at Pickwick Place or your venue of choice. Our passionate and professional team of experienced artists can accommodate any size wedding party or special occasion. Our desire is to achieve your picture perfect look, and our goal is 100% client satisfaction. We feel that communication is key in everything we do in life. Please feel free to phone, or email us any questions you may have. We can set up appointments for your special day, a consultation, or a run through of options. Visit our Facebook page for more information, or call us at (419) 562-1738.


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