True Love and Homegrown Strawberries

Rose Hartschuh - Monday, May 30, 2016

So the internet is full of interesting quotes. Most of what I see on social media is uplifting and inspirational--at times it is just the thing you need to hear to help you through your day. Some things are fun and entertaining, also helping you through your day, such as, “there ain't nothing better in life than true love and a homegrown tomato”.

I don't know how The Market at Pickwick Place can help you with love, perhaps you could meet your true love while purchasing our homegrown tomatoes, at which point I should add we have a wonderful venue (The Loft) for the wedding and reception. Although my wife, Andrea, enjoys homegrown tomatoes, she would prefer to rewrite the quote to state homegrown strawberries. Lucky for her, Ethan's strawberries are just about ready, in fact he has been picking a few already, however a recent picture sent to me showed his father Kent “collecting land rent” in the form of strawberries. So, barring any sudden increase in “rent payments”, we should have strawberries ready this week, starting Wednesday. Look for the wagon--it all starts there this season. If we run out on a particular day, don’t worry--more will be available the next day and you have the option this season of picking your own strawberries straight from the patch. We are thrilled to start another season in our community; we are thrilled to grow as a market with our community. You will see changes soon as we open the north barn for additional market space. Come enjoy the market with your friends and neighbors, and although we may or may not be able to find your “true love” at the The Market at Pickwick Place, we certainly can help you find delicious homegrown strawberries.


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