Rose Hartschuh - Monday, July 04, 2016

Recently, a customer apologetically asked me if it was ok to pour a quart of sweet cherries into a bag so she could see the cherries underneath. I said, "No problem!" and promptly poured them out, to which she said “Those are nice!” She then explained that she had in the past bought cherries from a store which were spoiled.

One of the challenges for anything man creates, builds, or grows, is to produce something of quality. It is not just to simply get something “out there,” but to produce something that will delight our senses. Food certainly engages us on many of those senses. First there is sight--do we want what we see? Does every tiny blemish rule out a fruit or vegetable? Certainly not. However we are not drawn to produce that is unnecessarily damaged and unsightly. We chose the best looking apple, cherry, or peach naturally and easily. Food also speaks to our sense of smell and taste. Again we are naturally drawn to the best smelling, sweetest, and tastiest. That leaves us with a challenge here at The Market at Pickwick Place: to provide on a daily basis not just good produce, but the best quality produce. It is a challenge I enjoy personally. I enjoyed the opportunity to provide the customer with cherries that she was happy with,

Quality is difficult to achieve--it takes a grower willing to do the hard work to properly grow the crop, caring market staff to handle the product properly, and sometimes things outside our control such as weather and insects. At The Market at Pickwick Place, you should always expect to find quality in both our staff and our product. We want to know when we don’t meet your expectations, but our true goal is to hear you say “Those are nice!” when you see, smell and taste our produce.

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Joe commented on 05-Jul-2016 05:57 AM
Point well made.

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