Rose Hartschuh - Monday, October 03, 2016

Laura and I have an ongoing joke about layers. What's one more layer on top of what we're already doing? There are days all of us wake up thinking we're crazy, but then there are days we feel like we could conquer the world.

Some layers we add on are a lot like onions. They aren't necessarily things we want to do or things that are fun, but they are ideas and concepts that we think could take us to the next level. Then, some layers are like cake! They're appealing and exciting and we're ready to do them right now!

The latest layer we adding at Pickwick is more like cake. In fact, it involves another sweet item: donuts! 

We are now offering donut sales as a fundraiser for groups and organizations. If you've had our donuts at The Market, you know that they're a product that sells themselves. (If you haven't had our donuts, what are you waiting for?!) The process is super-easy. Here's how it works:

1.Your group contacts us to let us know the potential dates you'll be taking orders and when you'd like to have the donuts ready. We'll verify it out on our end and give you the green light. 

2. We'll provide an order form that your group can copy and distribute to its members. We'll also support you in any way we can with the sales process.

3. Each group member collects orders and money. 

4. One person for the group tallies all of the orders and provides us a final count. Payment is due when placing your order with us. 

5. You pick up your donuts and deliver them to your eager customers. Or, if you reach a sales threshold, we'll even deliver them to you.

Depending on the quantity of donuts your group sells, you can earn up to 50% profit with this fundraiser, and it's easy! Who can resist something that looks this good?? (Coffee not included!)

Cake layers are the better than onion layers,


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