Heirloom or not, we like them a lot!

Rose Hartschuh - Monday, August 22, 2016

August is not only the dog days of summer, but also the time of year when you have tomatoes out your ears! I can attest to this looking at all the orange tomatoes about to turn red in the next week.

While working in the market this past week I had a customer ask about what was so special about heirloom tomatoes? I explained how they taste better than a regular “slicer” and how they have more texture than the others. So, today, I set out to teach about tomatoes.

Everyone knows what a typical tomato looks, tastes, and smells like but there are many others out there waiting to be eaten! Like I mentioned earlier, heirlooms are a better tasting version of a slicer, but this comes with drawbacks like more scuffs and scars on the skin and softer textures. Yellow tomatoes are another type of little known tomatoes that we have in The Market. The yellows are favorite of Chris, being sweet with a lot of texture. Then, we also have grape and cherry tomatoes, great for salads or a quick snack if you’re a true tomato lover.

No matter what the use we have the tomato for you, from a great BLT (which we have the bacon for as well--very good) to a salad or even large quantities for sauce and canning. Give us a call this week to get your tomato order in, that is, if your neighbor hasn’t already blessed you with more than you can handle.

Enjoy the tomatoes while they last,



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