Volunteer Staff


Executive Director

Rose Hartschuh 

Rose Hartschuh is passionate about helping the public understand what farmers do every day. As a wife and mother, she sees firsthand the challenges and opportunities that come with raising a family on the farm. She also understands that for her children to have the opportunity to continue the family business, the public must appreciate the important role that farmers play in our society. Rose is a former high school agriculture teacher, and she enjoys crafting activities and new experiences to help audiences of all kinds learn more about modern agriculture.

Communications Specialist

Megan Hunker-Ruffing

Megan is a graduate of The Ohio State University where she graduated with a degree in Agriculture Communications. Megan grew up on a diversified livestock operation and also helped on her grandparents large grain operation. She has strong beliefs in the importance of not just telling people about where their food comes from but in the value of showing them and helping them understand why farmers do what they do.