The Farm Experience

Partnering with Hartschuh Dairy Farm

Part of what makes the Acres of Adventure so exciting is the opportunity to partner with a real, modern farm to give guests a look at what really happens on today's farms. Acres of Adventure is located on property adjacent to Hartschuh Dairy Farm in Crawford County. Hartschuh Dairy milks 160 registered Holstein cattle and produces almost all of its own feed for the cows, which produce natural fertilizer to keep the crops growing. Starting in the spring of 2018, the farm will milk their cattle with three GEA monobox robotic milkers. (See how the robots milkers work in this video!) Guests to Acres of Adventure will be able to take a wagon ride to the dairy farm, where they can see the cows being milked, visit with the newborn calves, and learn more about crop production. No aspect of modern agriculture is off limits, as guests will be able to ask all of their questions about how farmers grow the food on their plates.