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Rose Hartschuh - Friday, March 02, 2018

Winter is finally coming to a close on farms across America. A quick Google search reveals images like these, which have dotted the landscapes across the snowy Midwest.

Though there has been beauty everywhere, without a doubt, everyone is ready for the new beginnings that come with spring. Acres of Adventure is excited for spring, too; this season we officially kick off construction at our new site!

Our board of directors has strategically identified five phases for development that we'll tackle over the coming years. (The phases can be found by clicking here.) In the coming months, we'll be getting to work on the first phase. The initial work includes revitalizing a neglected pond and creating a Water Quality Learning Area, a place where groups of all ages can come and experience firsthand the environmental impacts of modern agriculture. It will showcase the positive measurers farmers are taking to increase water quality by minimizing nutrient run-off. The area will be used as an outdoor learning lab for farmers, school groups, elected officials, and the general public. A picnic shelter that serves a dual purpose as an outdoor classroom, complete with restrooms and hand-washing stations, will round out this part of the project. Of course, there will be fun, too. Who wouldn't want to take a kayak or paddle boat out on the pond?!

Our Livestock Connection Center is also a part of Phase 1. It will consist of a  "meat and greet" area, otherwise known as a petting zoo. The area will include animals that greatly contribute to Ohio’s economy. Each pen will include information about the specie, including, but not limited to, how much it contributes to Ohio’s economy, age and weights when the animal (or product) is marketed, food products that come from the specie, and common by-products from the specie (such as medical treatments and everyday items.) Secondly is a display area, which will include actual items that come from animals. Visitors can guess which products come from which animals and then check their answers. Items may include an empty milk carton (which can either come from goats or dairy cattle) or an empty bottle of insulin (which can be extracted from hogs.) This area will help visitors visualize the impact animals have on their lives and to interact personally with animals they may not see on a daily basis!

In addition to the Water Quality Learning Area and the Livestock Connection Center, Phase 1 also lays a solid foundation for our second phase: construction of a state-of-the-art learning center. As construction moves forward on the water quality learning area, the site work will also be completed for the learning center. For example, as soil and sediment is dug out of the pond, that material will be used to level the ground for our next bit of work. Our project is just like a puzzle, with each piece fitting into the next.

We're appreciative of our donors that are helping us take this first step. Our donors as of March 1 include:

  • Alaina Crall
  • Amanda Sollman
  • Brian Ricker
  • Candace Lease
  • COBA/Select Sires
  • Constellation Energy
  • Joe and Laura Ringler
  • Julie and Jeremy Queen
  • Karen Ehret
  • Kayla Weaver
  • Lori Blankenship
  • Margaret Dudgeon
  • Mark and Christy Dudgeon
  • Marlene Eick
  • Mike and Brenda Kocher
  • North Central Electric
  • Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation
  • Rachael Ramsier
  • Rick McNary
  • Riverside Recovery Services 
  • United Bank
  • United Way of Crawford County
  • Walmart of Tiffin


We would love to add your name or the name of your small business to our list of believers. Donation levels and named donor levels are available here. Wouldn't this be the perfect way to honor a loved one who believes in American agriculture? Or, could you use this project to demonstrate your business or organization's belief in providing positive opportunities for kids of all ages to get outdoors? We would be honored to partner with you!

Thanks for following our progress, and thanks for your encouragement. We'll be back with another update soon!


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