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One Bite at a Time

Rose Hartschuh - Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It's a funny expression, isn't it? Based on my best research (ahem... Google), it seems to have origins as an African proverb. It makes sense I guess; after all, I learned in fourth grade that the greatest population of elephants are found on the African continent. Nonetheless, I'm rambling. Moral of the story: instead of worrying about a great big project (aka: the elephant), worry about the small steps to get you there.

This adage is particularly relevant as we consider our goals for Acres of Adventure. I want to take a quick minute to share with you a few of the big picture plans our board is exploring for AoA. (By the way, have you met our board? If not, head over to this page to learn more about the great people setting the direction for our organization.) Our plans for the future are centered around our mission statement. Take a look:




In the coming weeks, I'll explain more about our vision for Acres of Adventure. In the meantime, know that while we have a huge elephant in front of us, we are taking small bites to move forward one step at a time.


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