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Rose Hartschuh - Monday, October 23, 2017

Within one mile of my house, there are four farmers doing their part to raise healthy, affordable pork for American consumers. I know these farmers personally, and I know they care for their animals just like they care for their kids. Not only do their livelihoods depend upon keeping their animals comfortable and healthy, but their moral compasses tell them it is the right thing to do. 

I have a personal connection to these farmers, and I trust them. Not every American has the opportunity to interact with the farmers who grow their food. That disconnect can lead to fear and can even impact purchasing decisions. According to a 2015 study by Sustainable Brands, at least 2/3 of Americans prioritize a variety of issues into their food-shopping decisions. The results are staggering.

74% prefer locally produced

68% support companies with high animal welfare standards

67% purchase non-GMO whenever possible

For many of these Americans, they don't make their decisions based on opposition, but rather they make their decisions because of doubt. If they never sit down and talk with a real farmer, their basis of knowledge becomes what they read on the internet or what the latest television commercial tells them is better for them.

Acres of Adventure is setting out to change that by guiding the conversations with positive information about modern agriculture. Consumers shouldn't live in fear about the food they buy. Instead, they should feel confident that American farmers, whether right down the road or four states over, are doing the right thing to grow our food supply in a safe and responsible manner. Learn more about the AoA vision by clicking here. Do you believe that we need more real, authentic opportunities for consumers to connect with farmers? If so, then consider donating to our cause. Together, we can create a positive conversation about modern agriculture!

Photo Credit: Ohio Farm Bureau

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