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Megan Hunker - Monday, August 21, 2017

Sycamore, Ohio- Acres of Adventure, a 501c3 organization based in Sycamore, Ohio, is tackling the challenge of addressing misconceptions about modern agriculture. In August, they launched a campaign to build an on-farm learning center dedicated to promoting the work of America’s farmers and ranchers.

Years ago, everyone had a connection to a farm. Whether it was visiting grandparents in the country or spending the summer on a friend’s ranch, even urbanites had ample opportunities to connect with agriculture. Now, the average American is now at least three generations removed from the farm. Because of this disconnect between farmers and the non-farm public, there are countless misunderstandings about why farmers do what they do. Without real conversations about the how and why behind today’s agriculture industry, these false impressions will only continue to grow.

The Acres of Adventure Learning Center plans to provide a place for farmers and consumers to connect. Located adjacent to Hartschuh Dairy Farm in Crawford County, the learning center and related activities will allow children and adults can experience the sights, smells, and sounds of farm-life. The Learning Center is designed to provide samples of today’s agriculture while also shaping the farmer and consumer dialogue with accurate information. It is the hope that the Learning Center starts conversations to help address the growing misconceptions that come naturally from a disconnect with farming.

Acres of Adventure realizes that intertwined with agricultural education, there is a natural connection with the outdoors. Guests can come to the farm and enjoy nature at the same time. Whether taking a paddle boat for a cruise across the pond, taking water samples to learn more about Ohio’s water quality issues, or exploring the woods, everyone can benefit from less time indoors. A low ropes course, built inside a natural wooded environment will help strengthen teams and ultimately communities.

Rose Hartschuh, Acres of Adventure Executive Director, is excited about the future. “The time is now to proactively reach out to our neighbors to paint a positive picture of today’s agriculture. American farmers and ranchers are some of the most resourceful, diligent people out there. The new Learning Center will enable our non-farm friends and neighbors to satisfy their curiosity and to see for themselves how the food on their plates and the clothes on their back get to them. We are excited to partner with individuals, businesses, and organizations who share similar goals of education and outreach.”

Acres of Adventure is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, governed by a board of directors. Its mission is:

Create. Connect. Cultivate.

Creating Positive Conversations About Today's Agriculture

Connecting Guests with Opportunities to Experience the Outdoors

Cultivating Personal Development through Farming, Sustainability and Natural Resources

To learn more about Acres of Adventure and how you can support its focus on engaging the public in authentic learning about modern agriculture, visit


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